Deleting Cue Versions

Cue Versions can only be deleted from the Options dropdown menu in the Cue Details view. The option will only show up if there are more than one version of the cue.

After you click Delete Version, a confirmation window will appear. If you delete the Current Version of the cue, it will notify you that a new current version will be automatically selected.

If you want to set a different version as the current version you can navigate to the version you want as current and click Make Current Version from the same Options menu.

If you don't see this option, you may not have sufficient permissions for the project. Please ask the project owner or an administrator to increase your project privileges.

Please note that data stored in version-based fields will be lost upon deletion of the version. Learn more about cue- and version-based fields in our article Difference Between Cue and Version Fields.

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