Difference Between Cue and Version Fields

In CueDB, fields are categorized as either cue-based or version-based. When you're in the Cue Details view, these fields are displayed in distinct sections. Cue-based fields are consistent across all versions of a cue; if you modify these fields while viewing one version, these changes will be visible no matter which version you're looking at. On the other hand, version-based fields are specific to each version. Changes made to version-based fields will only be visible within the version you edited, meaning if you switch to another version, those fields may display different values.

Our standard fields are categorized as either cue-based or version-based. However, custom fields can be configured as cue-based or version-based according to your specific requirements.

Under Project Settings > Fields, you can view the categorization of all standard and custom fields.

Current Timecodes vs Version Timecodes ยป

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