Music vs Production Account Types

With CueDB, you can choose between two account types: Music and Production. The Music account is ideal for individuals involved in music creation, such as composers, music editors, orchestrators, mixers, and music supervisors. On the other hand, the Production account is designed for those on the production side of projects, including directors, producers and editors.

By default, Production accounts have simplified views and features to reduce clutter and focus on the needs of the production side. However, if needed, the user can activate advanced features at any time, transforming the Production interface to match the Music account interface.

It's important to note that if a new CueDB member is invited to a project with the Viewer privilege, their account type will automatically be pre-selected as Production Member upon completing their sign up.

Remember, you can change your account type and toggle between simplified and advanced features under User Settings at any point after sign up, providing a flexible and personalized user experience.

Under User Settings, you can adjust your Account Type and Features preference. If the Features selector is absent, you likely have a CueDB PRO subscription, where it's assumed you'd prefer the advanced mode, hence no simplified option is provided.

A Quick Tour of the Interface ยป

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