A Quick Tour of the Interface


Welcome home! The first screen you'll see upon login. Customize it to display projects, recording sessions, and activity feed. Tailor your dashboard based on your workflow and what you'd like to see first.



Your project headquarters. It houses all your projects. Inside each project you'll find four main sections: Cue Overview (a full list of all cues), Cue Details (a focused view on a single cue), Picture (tracking picture versions and reels), and Project Settings (manage project members, customize statuses, create custom fields, and more).

Cue Overview
Cue Details
Project Settings


Your recording workspace. This is where all your Recording Projects and Sessions live. Inside each recording project you'll find all recording sessions that belong to the project. Each recording session has three main sections: the Recording Order (listing starts being recorded), Add Starts (for selecting and creating starts), and the Take Notes panel (zoom in on a start, take notes as you record).

Recording Order & Take Notes


Your to-do lists. This houses all your tasks – cue-based, project-based, team-based, and even private tasks only visible to you.



Your guide to CueDB. Find our documentation, FAQs, resources, and support contact information here. If you're reading this, well, you made it!

User Profile

Your personal profile settings. This section displays your name, optional avatar, email, password, and two-factor authentication settings.

User Settings

Your preferences. Adjust settings related to date and time formatting, appearance, notifications, and more.

PRO Accounts

Your Performing Rights Organization details. This page houses your writer and publisher accounts.

Team Settings

Your crew management. Manage your team name here and invite and handle core team members.

Billing & Licenses

Your subscription management. This is where you can find details about your subscription to our PRO plans as well as additional licenses.

Creating a Project »

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