Understanding Teams and Project Access

When you register an account with CueDB, you automatically have your own team. The accessibility of projects is limited to members who have been specifically invited to each project under Project Settings, providing maximum flexibility and control over your work.

For closer collaboration, you have the option to add Core Team Members under Team Settings. These members have the privilege to create projects under your ownership - a handy feature for co-composers, assistants, music editors and frequent collaborators. Additionally, core team members can delete projects where you are the owner and access team tasks, which provides further flexibility and productivity in your workflow that stretches beyond a single project.

Note that core team members also need to be added to projects to have access to them. Only the team owner is granted automatic access to all projects within the team.

Starting with CueDB v2, the ability to create multiple teams has been discontinued. For members with several legacy teams from v1, a primary team can now be selected and managed under Team Settings.

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