Import Cues From Logic Pro

In Logic Pro

If you have a temp track with music or any other audio guide to help you spot the movie, a quick way to get started in CueDB is to follow these steps:

  1. Duplicate the temp track to a new track.
  2. "Remove Silence" from the audio track and trim the edges of the regions. You may need some manual tweaking for overlapping cues.

    Mainly adjust the "Threshold" and "Minimum Time to accept as Silence" parameters to desired result.

  3. Re-name sequentially (1m01, 1m02...) by keeping all regions selected and clicking on the first one with the Text Tool and typing "1m01" followed by enter.
  4. Create markers for selected regions (hit Option+K to look up your shortcut).

  5. Copy the markers in the marker list. Make sure to show timecode and not bars and beats in the marker list before copying.

In CueDB

  1. If your project uses a frame rate, make sure your CueDB project's frame rate matches that of your DAW project. You can check and adjust this in CueDB under "Project Settings > General".

  2. Click on "Tools > Import Cues" in CueDB.

  3. Choose "Logic Markers".

  4. Choose how you would like to map Cue # and Title.

  5. Paste your Logic markers and click on "Preview".
  6. To exclude specific cues from the import, simply uncheck them. If you prefer not to include titles, uncheck the "Title" checkbox.
  7. Click "Import" if everything looks correct.

If a cue with the same Cue # already exists in your CueDB document, it will be tagged as 'UPDATE' rather than 'NEW'. This will update the timecodes and, if checked, the title of the existing cue.

This only works in newer versions of Logic, since older versions wont allow you to copy the markers.

If you are trimming the edges of regions created with the remove silence method, make sure that the anchors inside of the regions are moved as well.

If a marker is back to back with another marker, Logic will clear out the end time. Make sure to drag the right handle of the marker until an out time is set.

Also make sure to show timecode with or without subframes, no other mode.

When you copy the markers, older versions of Logic have a bug that will fetch the duration instead of the expected OUT time. CueDB will then calculate OUT time based on the IN time and duration. In this case, it may be a few frames off depending on the frame rate. Thanks Logic.

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