Import Cues From Pro Tools

There are two ways to import cues from Pro Tools: Clips and Markers

  • Clips: Ceate one or several tracks and name them starting with "CueDB". Strip silence a temp track or place clips onto the track(s) and name them "1m01 Main Title", "1m02s Source Cue" etc.
  • Markers: Create two markers per cue and add "IN" and "OUT" at the end of the marker names. Ex. "1m01 Main Title IN" and "1m01 Main Title OUT" (or just "1m01 OUT" if you don't want to add titles).

In Pro Tools

Choose "File > Export > Session Info as Text..." and make sure to select "Timecode" under "Time Format". Any File Format works.

In CueDB

  1. If your project uses a frame rate, make sure your CueDB project's frame rate matches that of your DAW project. You can check and adjust this in CueDB under "Project Settings > General".

  2. Click on "Tools > Import Cues" in CueDB.

  3. Choose "Pro Tools Session Text".

  4. Choose how you would like to map Cue # and Title.

  5. Choose your file and click on "Preview".
  6. To exclude specific cues from the import, simply uncheck them. If you prefer not to include titles, uncheck the "Title" checkbox.
  7. Click "Import" if everything looks correct.

If a cue with the same Cue # already exists in your CueDB document, it will be tagged as 'UPDATE' rather than 'NEW'. This will update the timecodes and, if checked, the title of the existing cue.

Import cues from Pro Tools (contributed by Mike Wax):

The video is demonstrating CueDB v1, but the approach is the same in v2.

Please note that multiple clips with the same Cue # will be counted as one cue, starting with the earliest IN point and the latest OUT point.

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