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Use Keyboard Maestro for a quicker workflow between CueDB and Pro Tools.

Download "CueDB Keyboard Maestro Macros for Pro Tools v2.1"

Download "CueDB Cue Sheet Verification (JSON) v3.0" (requires our JSON starter macro)

  • LOCATE · Select a timecode field in CueDB, run the command and location will move in Pro Tools
  • SELECTION · Select an IN timecode in CueDB, run the command and a selection with IN/OUT will be set in Pro Tools (the IN field must be to the left of the OUT field with both fields visible for this macro to work)
  • TIMING FROM PT · Make a selection in Pro Tools, click on an IN field in CueDB, run the command and IN/OUT will be updated for the selected cue (the OUT field has to be visible in CueDB)
  • CUE SHEET VERIFICATION · The macro will copy information from CueDB and create clip groups on your chosen track in Pro Tools. These clips will display Cue #'s and titles, offering a visual representation for you to verify your information. Demo video and instructions on how to use this feature are provided in the green box below. Note: For the JSON version, use the checkboxes to select the cues you want to transfer to Pro Tools.

Download Keyboard Maestro from:

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Thanks to our member "Snacky" for contributing to this:

It is very easy to miss data mistakes when there is so much information. So I have created a macro to help me visually verify my numbers. For this macro to work, the columns listed must be in a specific order. (Note: For the JSON version, fields can be sorted in any order.)

Cue # - Title - IN - OUT

I have created a personal preset in CueDB with this in mind.

1. Create a blank audio track under my music stem. In this case I named it ‘Verify’.

2. Make a selection on ONLY that track.

  1. Make note the number of cues to verify
  2. Click on the first ‘Cue #’ to be verified. Note: For the JSON version, use the checkboxes to select the cues you want to transfer to Pro Tools and skip step 6 below.

  1. Hit Control + Option + Command + F19 to start the macro. A window will pop up. (Note: The JSON macro provided above have a different shortcut. Change it to suit your needs.)
  2. Enter the number of cues to verify. In this case it is 7. Then hit OK.

The macro will now copy the information from CueDB and make clip groups on the selected track with Cue #'s and names using the ‘IN’ and ‘OUT’ times so you will be able to visually see if your information is correct.

Here it is in action:

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