Picture Type

When you create a project you will be asked to select Picture Type. If you work with a single movie file, select Long Play. If you are working with individual reels, choose Reels. This selection allows for cue filtering, stats viewing, and picture version tracking by reel.

The Acts and Clips modes function similarly, with the primary distinction being the terminology used throughout the app. Reels and Acts necessitate unique reel or act numbers. On the other hand, the Clips mode provides more flexibility, accepting alphanumerical picture names.

Note that if you are working with a single movie file and wish to group cues into acts, you will need to add a new picture version for each act when logging new picture cuts. It's convenient to use the New Turnover feature for this task.

A Cue Belongs to a Picture

Once you've established a project, it's time to create a picture post (if you're working with long play) or to set up your reels, acts or clips. This setup involves creating a unique post for each picture or reel, detailing its name, picture version, start and end timecodes, and any optional notes or received date. Please be aware that this process involves inputting text details only and does not require uploading of actual movie files.

These picture posts are essential for CueDB to properly associate cues with their corresponding picture or reel, and to link each cue version with the picture version it was written to. This information allows you to categorize and filter cues by picture and reel and to display cues on a visual timeline.

Use the Current Picture select dropdown to link a cue to a reel/act/clip.

If you're not working with picture or if you're at an early stage without picture, you can create a placeholder and name it "N/A".

Cues displayed on the timeline, grouped by the "Current Picture" value for each cue.

If you're working with Long Play, the Current Picture select dropdown will only contain one option.

Picture Versions ยป

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