CueDB's flexible approach to privileges and permissions allows for a customized user experience. While we cover all privileges extensively below, one key concept worth highlighting is the unique Viewer privilege.

The Viewer privilege is tailored for Production Members. It automatically pre-selects them as Production Members when invited, enabling a simplified view by default. This setting restricts them to a single view preset — the Viewer Preset — which eliminates non-essential elements to focus on what's most relevant for a production member.

Despite its simplicity, the Viewer Preset isn't rigid. You can customize it to display as much or as little information as needed.


The owner has full privileges. There can only be one owner of a project.

Core Administrator

Core administrators have all the permissions of the owner, but without the ability to reassign ownership of a project. Only Core Team Members can become core administrators. Core team members are added in the Team Settings section.


Administrators have all the permissions of a core administrator, but without the ability to delete projects/episodes or create new projects for the team.


Moderators have all the permissions of an administrator, but does not have access to Project Settings and does not have ability to manage or invite members, manage statuses, deadlines, fields, presets, roles or channels.


Editors have permissions based on roles (composer, orchestrator, mixer etc.). Use this when you want to restrict which fields a member can see or edit. Ex. you may want to hide spotting notes and scene description, while allowing editing of orchestration or mix fields.


Collaborators have customizable permissions like editors but with read-only access by default. Use this privilege when you want someone to view data without editing capabilities.


As mentioned at the beginning of the article, the Viewer privilege is designed for director and production members to provide a decluttered experience focused on essential information. Viewers have read-only access by default and can only see the Viewer Preset and activated fields for it.

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