Project Types

CueDB currently supports two primary project types: Film / Movie and Series. Your selection shapes your CueDB experience. The major difference is that a Series is specifically structured for managing multi-episode endeavors. Looking ahead, we are excited about plans to broaden our scope with additional project types to further accommodate a variety of media productions.

Single vs Multiple Episodes

When handling multi-episode projects, our Series project type offers two subtypes: Single and Multiple Episodes. The key distinction lies in their structure and use-case:

  • Single Episodes: when each episode requires its own project space, complete with unique members, statuses, custom fields and other settings. This is ideal when your team or settings vary across episodes, or when more separation is desired.
  • Multiple Episodes: when your team and settings remain consistent across episodes, and you need an aggregated view of cues and stats for several episodes simultaneously. This subtype provides a unified workspace, enabling efficient project management across multiple episodes.

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